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Бренд bruehl

Clarity shapes concept and design.

In the wide, confusing world of contemporary design, brühl occupy a clearly
defined niche: furniture based on straightforward concepts and clear-cut,
defined forms. Product ideas and design, as well as the production process itself, are clearly intent on achieving quality whilst giving due consideration to comfort and durability, the environment and humane working conditions.

Clarity in design means forms which are simple, straight-lined, essentially right-angled, with curves and sloping surfaces setting sensitive accents. Clarity lies in carefully balancing proportions and volumes in an harmonious interplay of all the elements. And clarity means not least reduction, the art of omission, emphasis on the essentials. The overall effect of the sofas and armchairs is that of a quiet, generous modernity, without being severe or harsh.

This modern trend is young and alive. It makes for design which does not easily go out of fashion. But more than anything the design enables the furniture to be easily integrated. Fitting into almost any interior, it can be displayed to best advantage even in smaller rooms. Each piece can be combined with other furniture or can match a wide variety of colour moods.

The design’s clarity displays appealing, almost charming grace – perfectly appropriate for upholstery. The furniture is not so much an example of classic or representative modernity, but rather of sympathetic modern design.


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